Accessibility on the website

This website should be usable and accessible to as many visitors to the site as possible. Here, we describe how the website meets the requirements of the Act on Access to Digital Public Services, look into possible accessibility problems and explain how you can report deficiencies to us so that we can deal with them.

Our work on accessibility on the Riksdag website is based on the following laws and guidelines:

Continuous improvements

Working on accessibility includes technology, language and pedagogics. Although certain parts of the website are not completely accessible, the Riksdag Administration works continuously to improve the website.

The areas with the biggest challenges in terms of accessibility relate to documents and videos from conferences.

Report deficiencies or ask for alternative formats

If you encounter problems that have not been described on this page, or if you don’t think that we meet legal requirements, please tell us. You can also contact us if you need access to content on the Riksdag website which is not accessible to you.


Telephone: 020–349000 (national calls only)


The Agency for Digital Government (DIGG) is responsible for monitoring compliance with the Act on Access to Digital Public Services. If you are not satisfied with the way we handle your points of view, you can contact DIGG and inform them of this.

How to notify DIGG of inadequate accessibility on their website

Technical information on accessibility on the website

This website is partly compliant with the Act on Access to Digital Public Services. The parts which are not accessible are listed below.

Content that is not accessible 

Problems for those with impaired vision or who cannot see

There are a number of PDF documents and Word documents that are not correctly registered (tagged) to enable them to work with reading aids.

For those without hearing or impaired hearing

Videos from conferences and meetings in languages other than Swedish may not include descriptive texts. The descriptive text that serves to support the video may sometimes be limited, both in Swedish and in other languages.

How we have tested the website

We have carried out a self-assessment (internal testing) of the website. We have also had external experts scrutinise the website. We make continuous self-assessments on the Riksdag website with internal testing of pedagogics, technology and content. We also ask the experts whenever we are uncertain about anything.

The latest assessment was carried out in November 2022.